Noodle Boards/ Stovetop Boards 22”x 30”


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Noodle Boards are custom orders

Basic Info:

  • Noodle Boards are 100% wood measuring 22″x30″ (fits standard stoves) Gas, electric and smooth top included.
  • Wood may contain natural knots or different grain but that adds to the beauty.
  • Each noodleboad is treated with poly to seal, help protect and add a little shine. A damp cloth is ok for clean up once you have the noodle board home.

You select:

  • Stain Color
  • Design to be carved
  • Color of carving ( or natural can be chosen)
  • Stainless Steel handles ( Stainless Steel or Black)
  • Burned effect (optional) Some like the rustic look

Please contact us with additional questions and to order yours today!


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